Second Shot – Writer/Director (2023)

Mad Pierrette – Casting Director (2023)

The Dinner Date – Director (2023)

Just Another Day in L.H – Picture Editor (2022)

Late Night At Humber – Interstitials Director (2021)

Table Tennis Canada PSA Director (2021)

Fuyes Online Jewelry Commercial  Director (2021)

We Need To Talk Producer (2021)

Finding Your Rhythm Picture Editor (2021)

Who We Are Post Production Supervisor (2021)

EXit Interview Co-Writer, 1st Assistant Director (2021)

Auto-Da-Fe 1st Assistant Director (2021)

The Passion of Dougie 2nd Assistant Director (2021)   

Just Like Her Assistant Editor (2021)

Bounty 500 Electric/Transportation (2021)

Meat Actor (May 2021)

Todd One Out 1st Assistant Director/Assistant Editor (Post-Production)

Landry’s Laundry Key Grip (2020)                                                  

How Do You Hold A Hot Dog? Writer/Director (2020)

CUT Writer/Director/Producer/Editor (2019)                                               

El Martin Drive Sound Recordist, Production Assistant (2019)                                

Voices 2nd Boom Operator, Production Assistant (April 2019)

Drained Lead Actor (2019) 

Impact Director (2019)

Taste Writer/Director/Producer/Editor (2018)

jinx Writer/Director (2018)

Skin Holes Co-Director, Interviewer (2018)

Lost & Alone Director/Co-Writer/Editor (2018)                                                                                                                                                    

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