Brent Collins is an aspiring filmmaker, writer and photographer currently enrolled in Film and Television Production at Humber College.

brent_headshotWhether it was some of his fondest childhood memories or time when he worked at a video store and local drive-in theatre, movies have always played an integral role in Brent’s life.

Fuelled by his passion for film, Brent decided after 11 years he needed to bet on himself and take the risk of changing careers. Having already accomplished a successful career in the grocery-retail business holding various positions from analyst to customer service manager, he decided he owed it to himself to give his longtime passion a shot.

The decision wasn’t an easy one, however. It’s a huge risk to start new and switch careers. It’s an even bigger risk when you have people counting on you. With a wedding on the way, three kids under the age of three and all of those other responsibilities that come with being an adult, this was far from a light decision.

Thankfully, with the love and support of family and friends, Brent was encouraged to follow his dream.

Since attending Humber, first in the Media Foundation Program and now in the Film and Television Program, Brent has been involved in a number of projects, most notably jinx (2018) which won Best Picture, Best Comedy and Best Director at the Media Foundation Showcase, the notorious Taste (2019), an experimental film which was taken down from YouTube in less than six hours and his award winning documentary, How Do You Hold A Hot Dog? (2020).

Brent has also taken an interest in Photography since his time at Humber, with his most outstanding work being a Kensington Market photo essay. Some of his work can be viewed here but also on his social media pages. Just follow the links!

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